Hilarion: Change Will Come About in Incredibly Peaceful Ways



Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,


You have all been integrating the incoming energies at an incredible rate. The feeling of unease in your Solar Plexus area requires more relaxation on your part and the practice of deep breathing, preferably when outdoors. There continue to be many changes taking place within you and as this process continues, a greater ease will be felt. Some of you are already feeling the greater ease within your four lower bodies and these Ones will find life becoming more joyful and filled with grace.


The veil between the dimensions is becoming much weaker and there are many instances of interplay between them. These are moments when some of you just shake your heads and think that you are experiencing a momentary aberration in your perceptual field and this is, in fact, what is actually happening. These can be very confusing times that could take you off your Path. Call upon us each morning and ask us to come closer to you for your guidance and protection each day as these aberrations will continue to come through with greater frequency.


Everywhere around you there is a greater awareness taking place and humanity is starting to step up to the plate and is beginning to understand that taking a stand for what they believe is right is having its powerful effect. As people join each other in adding their voices in many different projects and focuses to end the blatant disregard for the citizens of this World and the resources upon this Planet from those who want only to maintain control, the realization is dawning within the Awakened Ones that there is great power in numbers and this realization is having a domino effect. As more people rise up and stand up for their rights and the rights of all upon your World, change will come about in incredibly peaceful ways.


As the Beloved Lightworkers and the Awakening Ones across the Planet take part in joint meditations and other focuses that are held at the most opportune times during each month, the mass consciousness grid is being cleansed more efficiently than ever before. As more space is created for the higher energies of Cosmic Love to permeate everything upon, within and around the Earth, these higher energies are then being assimilated by everyone and everything on and in the Planet. You might have been noticing that for the most part, people are much more willing to be more patient with each other than they used to be, they are more filled with humility and kindness towards each other and are willing to stop and listen to each other. This trend will keep on growing stronger as each day goes by.


All that you have held in your visions for a better World is now beginning to come to fruition and so we beseech you to keep on keeping on, even though it might seem darker than ever before as you view the World events around you. This is but the illusion all have lived under for lifetimes now being brought up for review, attention, realization and learning, and most importantly, for clearing and dissolution. Many new and viable solutions to age old problems will begin to surface within the consciousness of many and new ideas will begin to take root that will revolutionize the World into one that is worthy and able to become a part of the Galactic Family of Light once again.


Stay in the moment, Dear Ones, new history of the New Earth is now being written and you, each of you, are an integral part of it. Live each day as and for the Glory of God and all will continue to be well. Faith and patience can indeed move mountains.


Until next week…


I AM Hilarion


©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff


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