Galactic Council: We Guide All to Detach From the Illusion

Galactic Council via Karen Doonan

Welcome beloved ones, we are here to guide and to support at ALL times. Many are struggling with the chaos and we guide ALL to detach from illusion. Much information will be disseminated across the planet which is misleading and we guide YOU to go within to the heart to hear TRUTH. As the energies across the planet begin once more to increase and expand it is vital that YOU walk in TRUTH. For those who work from the mind the information will work to further veil TRTUH and many will descend into more chaos. We guide this to make YOU aware and not to invoke panic or fear. For there is need of neither, what is occurring is in perfect as more awaken and FEEL TRUTH.

We cannot guide strongly enough to ALL to begin to live through the heart. Much of the chaos that is unfolding is designed to stop YOU from entering the heart space, illusion teaches the heart is a place of pain and suffering and many are falling to this illusion. The heart is the place of TRUTH on planet earth for it where the seeds of LOVE were planted upon YOUr incarnation in this the human life experience. As those asleep move further and further into mind centred life experience is it even more vital that those who walk in the role of light worker remain in the heart. Focus on the LOVE that IS and beam this out across the planet earth wherever YOU walk.

Many are falling also to the teaching of illusion which states that one person is not enough to change the “old” into the new and once more we guide to detach from this teaching. Many believe the energy and vibration they carry is not enough and we guide that to be awake and to live from the heart IS enough. It is the holding of the LOVE that IS in the heart space, it is by living from TRUTH that the light is increased across the planet called earth. We guide ALL to accept and live this TRUTH.

The light that IS exists in EACH one of YOU across the planet, the teachings of illusion are such that many do not accept this TRUTH, many do not believe this TRUTH and we guide ALL to go within and process this TRUTH. Many are now falling into chaos and illusion as what was familiar is now no longer the same. We guide to detach from the teachings of illusion for change was ALWAYS the path of those who awakened, to work through duality and accept that change IS. Nothing stays the same dearest ones, the teachings of illusion may seek to teach otherwise and many, many humans try to live in the “same”. This results in them burning out, mentally and emotionally exhausted as they try to hold by the tides of change.

The tides of change sweep through the universe dearest ones, for they are energy in motion, YOU are energy in motion, one of the deepest illusions across the planet called earth is the illusion of “same”. Many are lost within this illusion seeking to hold back the change that liberates and frees them to BE. We guide YOU to detach from this illusion. Allow the tides of change to sweep YOU forward, allow the tides of change to cleanse that which must be released so that YOU are YOU.

Many are aware of the need to be in the heart centre yet still place conditions on the heart. We guide that this is illusion, there are no conditions to be placed dearest ones, the LOVE that IS has no conditions. The realms that stand in support of ALL do not place conditions on those who they help. Accept this TRUTH dear ones, take this into the silence and ask if this is a trigger for YOU. For there are no conditions on the LOVE that IS. Illusion will teach that YOU must be in control of love for to not be in control is to be open to pain and suffering and we guide ALL to detach from this one of the deepest illusion across the planet. There is no suffering in the LOVE that IS for it is pure and it is of the brightest light, akin to YOU dearest ones for YOU shine like the stars. Many are blind to this light, focussed as they are on the conditions and keeping all “in order”.We guide for ALL to allow the plunge into the tides of change. By striving to keep control, by striving to remain IN control YOU fall deeply into illusion. For to live from the heart is to live in the FLOW of the universe. YOU create the dream that is YOUr life experience, to dream YOU need to be in FLOW. If YOU hold on tightly then YOU do not allow YOU the space to expand and grow and that is the purpose of this YOUr human life experience.

Many are still stuck within duality, eager to show that their way is THE way and once more we guide to detach from this illusion. There is NO duality dearest ones there just IS. This TRUTH will set YOU free from illusion. Acceptance will set YOU free from illusion and living in the heart will show YOU the way out of illusion. For illusion seeks to teach at ever increasing rates across the planet. Those deeply asleep will further the seeds of fear that contain the illusions teaching. KNOW this and detach from this. There is nothing to fear dearest ones for the dreaming has begun, KNOW THIS.

For many the dreaming does not make sense and we guide YOU to go within and to REMEMBER. The dreaming is important for ALL, for how can you guide the human life experience if YOU do not allow YOU to dream? What is thought of is brought into creation dearest ones. It is not the dreamer who is asleep it is he who does not dream, do our words resonate with YOU? do you understand what we guide ?

Many are still stuck within the illusion of control and cling tightly to outmoded ideas and teachings that no longer serve. So long have these teachings been clung to that the letting go provokes much fear. KNOW that where there is fear there is illusion and seek to re- evaluate ALL that YOU were taught. That which no longer serves will come to the surface for it will bring frustration to YOUr very BEing, know the greater the frustration the more seeds of fear have sprouted. Go within and weed them out and replace them with the LOVE that IS. For the LOVE that IS will grow more rapidly within YOU. For YOU are the LOVE that IS. KNOW THIS.

We guide at this time to help many who are lost and looking outside of themselves. The answers dearest ones are never found outwith, there are always within. Those who seek to find the answers in books will find frustration. Much of what is written is coded dear ones, that was done deliberately to hide TRUTH, KNOW that TRUTH cannot be hidden from the heart and that is why we guide to reside in the heart. Do not rely on the eyes and ears that YOU have for they have been deflected from TRUTH for so long that it will cause more and more frustration as YOU seek and seek and go off in differing directions. For the direct path to TRUTH is within.

KNOW that we guide to help and support at this time. We do not lead YOU to TRUTH for only YOU can find TRUTH. KNOW that no one alive on the planet earth at this time has all that YOU seek , for this life experience is about expansion and growth, this is individual to each and every human alive on the planet. Where YOU hold TRUTH and allow the heart to guide YOU then YOU will expand dear ones, KNOW THIS. Many will go beyond that which is known across the planet, new teachers of TRUTH will appear and will enable expansion and growth through guidance and knowledge. They will not have answers, they will have routes, they will be the keys that are needed to unlock the next level of human consciousness. KNOW THIS.

This is a journey of humankind for ALL ARE ONE, all are connected. KNOW THIS, this is not a race to see who gets there first for ALL are making the journey to higher consciousness, do our words resonate with YOU? While YOU accept duality, while YOU separate and have a section of society that will and a section that wont YOU walk with

illusion. Once more we state that ascension is a process that ALL will interact with, the interaction is individual, the level of ascension achieved is also individual. There is no “end point”, there will never be a point where a human can state “I have ascended” that is illusion dear ones and we guide YOU to detach from this teaching. Expansion and growth is continual. KNOW THIS.

We step back now to allow absorption of our words. If our words trigger YOU then know that illusion is around and go within to the silence. For within is the TRUTH, it is never outwith, KNOW THIS. We are the Galactic Council and we sit in session overseeing the guidance and support to ALL humans across the planet. KNOW that ALL ARE ONE. ALL are EQUAL and ALL ARE LOVE.

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