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Are You Too Nice? How to Be True to Yourself Without Being Unkind

HJ: You’re a kind, loving, generous, caring, conscious person… but are you letting that get in the way of your true, authentic self?  It’s a problem many of us face — we don’t…


Shamanic Guidance For Connecting to Your True Self

HJ: There is but one goal on the path of life: to reconnect to your true self.  And you are not far off at any moment, after all, you are your true self…


Connecting to Your Essence: 7 Qualities of Your True Self

HJ: The true self within us is constantly yearning to be fully expressed.  However, most of cannot recognize its voice because we are not taught how to live in alignment with it by…


A Complete Guide to Finding Your True Self and Awakening to Your Full Potential

HJ: Finding your true self is the single most important thing you can do in this life and is the key to awakening to your full potential.  Your true self exists below the layers…

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