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How to Master the Art of Letting Go (While Still Being Productive and Successful)

HJ: Many personal growth proponents advocate ‘doing whatever it takes’ to make your dreams a reality.  But there is a better way.  A more effortless way that keeps you in the flow instead…


7 Powerful Habits That Guarantee Happiness and Success

HJ: Success and happiness are not random.  They arise from specific habits and states of mind and being and you can pick these up as soon as you make a decision to do so….


5 Secrets of Success and Achievement We Can Learn From Olympians

HJ: By studying the habits and mindset of the world’s top athletic performers — Olympic athlete’s — we can discover some foundational pieces of wisdom for achieving higher levels of success and abundance…


12 Secrets of People Who Became Successful Following Their Heart and Dreams

HJ: The irony is that when you stop worrying about how you will make money and start passionately following your heart and dreams, abundance in all forms can’t help but follow.  And if…


30 Core Habits and Beliefs of the World’s Most Happy and Successful People

HJ: Happiness and success leave clues, as they say.  By observing and integrating the habits and beliefs of the world’s most effective, happy and successful people you too can begin to experience the…


7 Profound Life Lessons From an Ancient School of Success and Wisdom

HJ: As within, so without — the core belief of one of the most ancient schools of success.  Many modern gurus and leaders worship blindly at the temple of technology, which may bring…


The 7 Keys to Creating Success in Your Life

HJ: Success does not just happen randomly, it is created by a very precise set of qualities you can cultivate in your life.  When it seems like success just came out of nowhere…


15 Powerful Tips to Help You Dream Big and Achieve What You Set Your Heart and Mind To

HJ: Dream big.  Live big.  Play big. Ask big.  Because even if you don’t get what you want, you’ll still get more than you would have playing small.  And thinking and living big,…


12 Powerful Daily Rituals of the World’s Most Successful People

HJ: Success is not an accident. Success is the result of developing certain traits and characteristics that support self growth and learning at every level.  And after reading about the 12 rituals that…


The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Following Their Passions (and How to Avoid Them)

HJ: Deciding to follow your passion is what life is all about, but sometimes it can be overwhelming–especially at first.  Following your passions, among many things, means taking responsibility for your path in…

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