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7 Powerful Ways to Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution

HJ: The beauty of spiritual evolution is that it is at once our ‘destiny’ and also brings with it happiness, fulfillment, joy and the end of suffering.  We simply need to shed those habits,…


How I Healed and Strengthened My DNA: An Introduction to the Regenetics Method

HJ: There are few subjects which are simultaneously so fascinating and mysterious as the function and purpose of our DNA.  As science continues to break new ground in this area, we are collectively…


How to Achieve Your Dreams: Developing the Qualities that Lead to Success and Happiness

HJ: In a general sense, as humans, we all have the same experiences in life uniquely tailored to our own specific situation.  For example, we all experience happiness, frustration, adversity, pain, joy, empathy…


Understanding Where We Are in The Grand Cycles of Time That Govern the Rise and Fall of Consciousness in the Universe

HJ: When looking at the grand cycles of time that we exist in, it becomes very easy to determine where we are collectively headed, especially in terms of consciousness.  It is not widely…


Chris Bourne: Homo Divinicus – The Shape of Things to Come

HJ: This is a wonderful article in which Chris touches upon some advanced, powerful spiritual concepts.  He outlines the 7 Koshas below, which is an ancient concept defining the seven bodily levels we…

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The Art of Changing For The Better

HJ: To put it simply, this is a profound text — one that should be referred to every so often to keep oneself calibrated and centered on their spiritual path. Truly profound words…

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