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How to Build Unshakable Self Esteem

HJ: People often struggle with how to build self esteem because they do not understand the basics of how the mind operates.  Once this is understood, it becomes much simpler to make lasting, permanent…


How to Use Energy Medicine Techniques to Build Your Self Esteem

HJ: Building your self esteem is critical for so many different facets of life it is hard to comprehend.  It is one of the fundamental attributes of what creates a happy, fulfilled life,…


The 10 Key Traits You Need to Master to Make the Most Out of Your Life

HJ: There are certain key traits and ways of approaching life that offer a framework for helping you to get the most out of it.  These are not typically taught in school and…


Accepting Your Greatness: Why You Need Self-Compassion, Not Self-Esteem

HJ: In the article below, Kristin Neff takes a very thoughtful and non-dualistic approach to a concept that we have always been taught is essential for a happy and successful life — self-esteem.  She asks the…

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