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SaLuSa: There Will Be Many Trips to the Stars

SaLuSa via Mike Qunisey  6-February-2012 http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/February2012/salusa__6february2012.htm Naturally we need to be aware of what Michael is doing, and have been following the events associated with the trip to Neptune. What we must however…

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SaLuSa: Hold Firmly Onto Your Focus of Ascension

SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/February2012/salusa__3february2012.htm February 3, 2012 You would think that everyone would have an interest in the future, but many souls are content to drift along without any ambition to do…

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SaLuSa: The Coming Year Will Amaze You

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey,  January 25, 2012 http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/January2012/salusa__25january2012.htm Like you we wait expectantly, knowing that there will be a breakthrough resulting in the first positive news about the pending changes. The timing is…

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SaLuSa: The Awakening is Accelerating

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey January 18, 2012 http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/January2012/salusa__18_january_2012.htm Trust in us and God that events are going to proceed as promised, and do not worry as to the timing as it will occur…

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SaLuSa: The Cabal is Nothing But Smoke and Mirrors

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/January2012/salusa__13january2012.htm 13-January-2012 You have a saying that “there is no fool like an old fool” and that could be applied to the Illuminati because they are of the older…

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SaLuSa: We Expect a Major Breakthrough Very Soon

SaLuSa via mike Quinsey http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/January2012/salusa__11january2012.htm 11-January-2012 Dear Ones, bear in mind that it is your beliefs that can hold you back, so it is particularly important this year that you have an open…

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SaLuSa: Nothing Can Stand in the Way of the Coming Changes

SaLuSa via Mike Qunisey, Jan. 6, 2012 http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/January2012/salusa__4_january_2012.htm Nothing will be able to stand in the way of the changes that are about to commence, as they are essential to bring the end-times…


SaLuSa: Life is Mystery until You Reach the Higher Dimensions

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/December%202011/salusa__21december2011.htm Dec. 21, 2011 Your normal life expectancy is very short compared to Beings like ourselves, who are in the higher dimensions. Nevertheless you pack so much into it…

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SaLuSa: 2012 Will Be a Year of Monumental Change

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/December%202011/salusa__19december2011.htm Dec. 19, 2011 Please do not let the reports of incidents caused by the activities of the dark Ones distract you from your focus upon the year 2012….

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