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11 Powerful Ways to De-Stress Your Life

HJ: Stress is a part of life, so learning how to handle properly is an essential skill to stay balanced, centered and happy.  And it’s not even so much that stress is bad —…


3 Essential Herbs for Stress Reduction

HJ: For many of us stress is just a natural part of modern daily life.  Personally, as an entrepreneur and mentor to many people, I am constantly being pulled in multiple directions, all…


New Study Shows Yoga and Meditation Induce Changes at the Genetic Level

If you ever needed objective proof that yoga, meditation and mindfulness work, this is it. By Truth | The Healers Journal — Meditation, Yoga and the Buddhist practice of mindfulness have long been heralded as…


How Knowing Your Ayurvedic Dosha Can Change Your Life

By Jay Truth | The Healers Journal — Dating back to the early 2nd millenia BCE, Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of healing and medicine on the planet.  Contrary to modern…

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