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How to Release Your Fears With Qigong Meditation

HJ: Mark my words, Qi Gong in all its forms will see a resurgence here in the West as we collectively begin to explore further into our own innate spiritual nature.  As a society, we…


How to Work With Life Force Energy (Chi) for Greater Health, Happiness and Awareness

HJ: Nearly all traditional cultures recognize the concept of ‘Chi’ or ‘life force energy’, although they may use differing terminology to describe it.  Many in the West are familiar with the concept of…


Qi Gong Master Demonstrates Unbelievable Powers: Says We All Have This Capability

Nai Gong Master John Chang reluctantly demonstrates the incredible power of focused, concentrated Chi by performing what may be termed ‘miracles’ based on current understanding of reality.  By concentrating Chi into his hands,…

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