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How to Discover Your Unique Purpose and Use it to Create an Amazing Life For Yourself

HJ: If you don’t yet know your purpose, then do everything in your power to get clarity on what it is.  Or, at the very least, which direction to begin heading in.  Tune…


A Simple 2 Step Process For Discovering and Living Your Passions

HJ: When all is said and done, perhaps the most important thing we are here to do in this life is discover and live our passions with all our heart on every level.  This…


How to Find Clarity and Direction When You Are Not Entirely Sure of Your Path in Life

HJ: Sometimes our path in life gets cloudy and uncertain.  In times like these, it’s invaluable to have tools and practices that give you clarity and help you find direction when you feel…


6 Simple Things You Can Do to Quickly Discover Your Passions

HJ:  You have but one overarching purpose in this life: to embrace your passions and start living them with all your heart.  Why do you think it feels so good and fulfilling to…


How to Live Your Passion and Start Doing What You Love

HJ: A life lived without passion is hardly a life at all and yet so many people get trapped in this kind of existence, almost always out of fear… fear of going for it…


15 Ways to Get Clarity on Your True Passions in Life

HJ: Passions are the universe pulling you forward in the direction of your highest potential. Knowing your passions is one of the core keys to living a rich and fulfilling life.  Without this knowledge,…

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