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17 Ways to Transform Negativity into Positivity and Hope

HJ: Our perception dictates whether we choose to see negativity or positivity—meaning that it is ultimately a choice.  Every single situation can be viewed in a positive or negative manner and both are…


40 Powerful Insights to Help You Think and Stay Positive at All Times

HJ: You must not only think positive — you must also feel positive. Because if your heart and your mind are not in sync, you will not create what you intended.  Your emotional…


How to Transform Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Affirmations

HJ: Every thought we think can either be self defeating or life affirming.  And it is the art of shifting those thoughts from self defeating to life affirming that is a large part…


20 Questions That Will Free Your Mind From Negative Thinking

HJ: It’s easy to get lost in the vicious cycle of negative thinking. But what if you could snap yourself out of it just by asking a few specific questions that quickly free your…


15 Empowering Beliefs That Will Free You From Negative Thinking

HJ: Your thoughts arise based on your beliefs. If you want to change your thoughts, you must first change your beliefs.  This is the key to eliminating negative thinking. We have tens of…


Your Unlimited Potential: How to Move Beyond the Limitations of Positive Thinking

HJ: Just the term ‘positive thinking’ implies there is something negative to be positive about.  But what if we moved beyond the whole dualistic idea of positivity and negativity altogether?  This is what…


The Quantum Physics Behind the Power of Positive Thinking

HJ: In the ever expanding community of conscious individuals, the idea that thinking positively has very real effects has grown in popularity quite wildly over the last few decades, and for good reason….

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Using Your Thoughts to Better Your Reality

by Kim Evans See all articles by this author http://www.naturalnews.com/035374_thinking_positive_reality_mental_focus.html (NaturalNews) There’s something to be said for focusing on the positive. Actually, metaphysicians and personal life coaches will tell you that focusing on…

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