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11 Powerful Ways to De-Stress Your Life

HJ: Stress is a part of life, so learning how to handle properly is an essential skill to stay balanced, centered and happy.  And it’s not even so much that stress is bad —…


The 6 Keys to Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

HJ: Developing emotional intelligence is one of the primary keys to living a deeply fulfilling and successful (how you define that in YOUR own terms) life because it is one of the most…


How to Quickly Calm a Restless, Racing Mind

HJ: Sometimes it feels like our mind has a life and mind of its own and has no interest in calming down and playing by our rules despite out best intentions and efforts…


How to Bring Your Mind, Body and Spirit into Balance and Harmony Using the Power of Mindfulness

HJ: He who controls the mind is a master of his world.  Thoughts come and go like the wind and are naught but reflections of deeper levels of the self… our beliefs and…


11 Core Habits Of People Who Never Worry

HJ:  Worry is like practicing what you don’t want.  And yet, many people can’t seem to help themselves.  Why is that?  Because worry is actually the surface level symptom of a deeper problem….


5 Profound Lessons About Happiness and Joy We Can Learn From Children

HJ: I have had many mentors in my life and wise as they were, they learned as much from me as I did from them.  In fact, everyone and everything in your life…


How to Stop Worrying About the Future and Find Peace, Happiness and Contentment in the Moment

HJ: The future is filled with possibility, but also great worry and anxiety. Living in the present does not alter the unlimited possibility of the future, but eliminates the anxiety and worry, allowing…


How to See the Beauty and Happiness that Exists in Your Life Right Now

HJ:  There exists in every moment the potential for extraordinary happiness.  Every moment is filled with beauty… It is up to us to recognize it. The truth is that life is all a…


How to Turn Off Your Brain’s Worry Patterns and Start Living From a Place of Peace

HJ: Worry serves no purpose and interfere’s with our ability to be present, happy and loving.  This is a great article based on recent neuroscience findings about how to quiet down and turn…


How to Let Go of Negative Emotions and Feelings

HJ: Until we learn to let go, we end up holding negative emotions and feelings inside, which causes us to re-experience them anytime a thought, situation, person or event triggers them.  We end…

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