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The Obstacle is the Way: How to Turn Adversity Into Your Biggest Opportunity for Growth

HJ: When most people encounter an obstacle, they feel like they have made a mistake or gone down the wrong path.  The truth is, that it’s exactly what they needed for maximum self growth….


8 Ways to Transform Challenges into Opportunities for Self Growth

HJ: People react to challenges in two ways: as an excuse to give up or an opportunity to grow and evolve.  In fact, how we react to challenges is the single biggest factor…


Evolving Your Perception: How to See the Opportunity Hidden in Every Challenge

HJ: Learning to recognize the hidden opportunity in every challenge and situation is a major step on the path of the evolution of consciousness because there are two major concepts which are embodied…

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How to Recognize the Unlimited Opportunities in Your Life

HJ: Opportunity is constantly knocking on our door in a variety of ways, shapes and forms.  One of the main things cutting us of from acknowledging and accessing these abundant opportunities is our…

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