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Maya White: New Moon Solar Eclipse

By Maya White | Maya White Astrology —  Tuesday, November 13 “Your reputation precedes you, Madam”  The Scorpio New Moon of November 13, 2012 comes to us during a time of Mercury retrograde,…


DL Zeta: November 13th Solar Eclipse Signals the ‘Awakening Prelude’ for the New Time

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision — Change and transformation are at the forefront this week with a solar eclipse today (Nov. 13) at 21/22 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse asks us to go…

Ancient Visions of a 2012 Eclipse: What the Mayan Calendar Tells Us

By Aaron Woolrich | Reality Sandwich — [Note:  Tropical dates given in this article are Gregorian unless otherwise noted.] Get ready for a full solar eclipse coming to your planet on November 13, 2012.  This will…

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