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A Guide to The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry

HJ: Even a basic understanding of the science of sacred geometry can take us a long way in developing a deeper connection with the world around us.  Suddenly, you can see the basic…


The Six Planes of Higher Consciousness: Where Are You on the Ladder of Awareness?

HJ: If you are curious to know where you are in the development of consciousness, this article will help you figure it out.  One of the first things we tend to do on the…


The Unfolding Emergence of the New Consciousness: Perspectives From a Master Swami

HJ: We are all moving at different speeds in our conscious evolution — some are riding the wave of the shift and making incredible leaps and bounds daily.  On the other end of…


How You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts, Explained in Great Detail

HJ: The biggest illusion in this life is that we are powerless over what happens to us — that reality is happening to us instead of being created on an individual and collective level by…


The State of the New Age Movement in the 21st Century: The Re-Emergence of Mysticism

HJ: The New Age movement is simultaneously experiencing a renaissance and backlash of epic proportions.  At once embraced by spiritualists and renounced by intellectuals, the future of the movement is anyone’s guess, or so mainstream…

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