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Message from the Elders: We Enter the Final Day of the Mayan Calendar

A channeling by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek ~ By Anrita Melchizedek http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/we-are-entering-day-seven-message-elders Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with…

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Carl Calleman: The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes

By Carl Calleman We have now celebrated the Cosmic Convergence and there is less than one night and one day before the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan for all of creation (or at…

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Carl Calleman: Cosmic Convergence Underway (Sept. 23rd-26th, 2011)

Original Article Posted July 31st, 2011 http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/CosmicConvergenceSeptember23-26.htm At the time of writing (July 31, 2011) we are at the beginning of the fifth day of the Ninth wave and then also rapidly approaching…

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Denise Le Fay: Sept. 23rd Fall Equinox; Night Six of Mayan Calendar

2011 Fall Equinox and Night Six by Denise Le Fay, 9/13/2011 September 23, 2011 is the Fall Equinox Today is Sept. 13, 2011 and I just realized that the fall Equinox is mere…

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Mayan/Gregorian Calendar of the 9th Wave (Final Year of the Mayan Calendar)

This is an incredible chart put together by Dr. Carl Calleman, perhaps the most influential researcher and expert on the Mayan calendar.  It is essentially a ‘roadmap’ for the overriding spiritual energy that…

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