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The Physics of Dreaming: Exploring the 6 Primary Laws of the Dream World

HJ:  Dreams obey very different laws than our waking reality.  Understanding the primary dream laws outlined below can help you better map out this surreal world of awareness that we all (more or…


Simple Techniques for Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

HJ: Lucid dreaming is an incredible experience.  It does not feel like dreaming — it feels and is totally real.  Lucid dreaming is the experience of becoming aware on the Astral Plane (aka…


Techniques for Remembering Your Dreams

HJ: Our dreams hold many messages and clues for us in the waking state.  In the dream state our souls leave the physical body and travel through the astral realms into the 4th…


Can We Communicate With the Waking While Lucid Dreaming?

HJ: This article explores and interesting concept — communicating with the actively lucid dreaming individual.  If successful, this could potentially provide incredible insight into one of the least understood and most mystical aspects…

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The Top 5 Herbs & Supplements For Lucid Dreaming

http://dreamstudies.org/the-truth-about-lucid-dreaming-supplements/ Posted by Ryan Hurd on October 23, 2008 The latest trend in lucid dreaming is the prescribed use of supplements to increase dream recall and trigger more dreams where you become aware you are…

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