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How to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Intelligence, Happiness and Peace

HJ: Your brain is an incredible, highly adaptable ‘machine’ that can and does change with you as you evolve and grow.  In fact, with a little knowledge of it’s basic patterns and functioning,…

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3 Powerful Techniques for Accessing Your Brilliance

HJ: You have an innate brilliance that you can access whenever you want simply by practicing certain ways of being, that counterintuitively are actually fun and relaxing.  That’s right, our brilliance tends to…


How to Permanently Enhance Your Brains Performance

HJ: What if you could permanently enhance your brains performance in just a few minutes using a special technique know as the ‘priming effect’?  Would you follow your curiosity long enough to give…

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Scientists Develop Exercises to Make You Smarter

Scientists Design Exercises That Make You Smarter Recent studies indicate that some types of brain training can make you smarter By John Jonides , Priti Shah , Martin Buschkuehl and Susanne M. Jaeggi | Scientific American — In Brief How to Increase…

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