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7 Keys to Staying Strong and Centered No Matter How Difficult Things Get in Your Life

HJ: You are never given anything you can’t handle…  Because when all is said and done, you are creating the circumstances in your life.  Either as a decision pre-birth at a soul level…


How to Stop Trying to Fit In and Start Embracing and Expressing Your Unique Self

HJ: You are perfect just as you are.  There is nothing that you need, there are only things you need remove to reveal more of who you truly are. One of the main…


How to Expand Your Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration

HJ: Inspiration, imagination and intuition are everything.  These are the keys to connecting with your all-knowing, all-seeing higher self that will guide you effortlessly through life… steadfastly down the path of least resistance….


5 Powerful Ways to Find Beauty, Inspiration and Peace in Challenging Moments

HJ: Life will inevitably get challenging, however, you can transcend that experience and slip back into a place of beauty, inspiration and peace.  This wonderful, wise article from Marc Chernoff is all about…


How to Tap Into the 4 Levels of Intuitive Awareness

HJ: Intuitive abilities are usually all lumped together, however there are four distinct levels worth noting.  Understanding the overlap and differences between these can be highly useful for learning to tune into your…


How to Train Your Brain to Be More Creative, Insightful and Inspired

HJ: Creativity, insight and inspiration are the products of habit, not chance or luck.  Like sowing seeds in a garden, you must plant the seeds of creative inspiration in your life and particularly in…


7 Keys to Unleashing Your Creativity and Finding Inspiration

HJ: Creativity and inspiration often seem to come out of nowhere, suddenly entering our awareness like an unexpected gift.  However, there are (at least) 7 keys/techniques that you can use to instigate your…

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