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Tuning Into Your Heart: A Simple Meditation to Connect With Your Intuition

HJ: Your heart speaks loudest when your mind is quiet.  Meditation, at its essence is a centering practice to quiet the mind which naturally reveals to us our own inner wisdom.  While it’s…

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How to Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom

HJ: We live in a world where we are told by our culture to trust only science and that which can be seen and felt, that which has been studied, dissected and proven….


How to Recognize When Your Intuition is Speaking: 22 Ways to Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom

HJ: Intuition is really not that difficult to tap into, it simply requires you to have awareness of your internal state at a deeper level than most people are used to.  It is…

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DL Zeta: Accessing a Wider Range of Your Infinite Being

By DL Zeta Posted 01-08-2012 http://www.celestialvision.org/journal/2012/1/8/accessing-a-wider-range-of-your-infinite-being.html As we move further into the new energies on Planet Earth, it becomes easier to expand into your infinite nature by gaining awareness of new aspects of…

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You Must Use Discernment When Reading About Ascension

Beings From Beyond and Before time via Karen Doonan http://www.crystalline-sanctuary.com Beloved brothers and sisters we come to communicate with YOU at this time to reassure YOU that all is perfect. The unfolding of…

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