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Speaking the Language of Your Body: What Food Cravings are Urgently Trying to Tell You

HJ: Food cravings are your body very specifically trying to tell you what nutrients it needs, so it’s important you are able to decode what it is saying.  This brilliant article shows you how….

High Vibrational Foods: How to Raise Your Consciousness With Your Diet

HJ: Everything you put into your body has effects on your vibration, state of mind, health and consciousness.  Therefore by choosing to only ingest those foods, medicines and substances of the highest vibration,…


The 20 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

HJ: How much introduction does an article like this really need?  These are quite simply some of the healthiest, most healing and nutrient dense foods on the planet.  Eat more of them.  Period….


Health Secrets From Around the World: What You Can Learn From the World’s Healthiest Cultures

HJ: If your goal is to be healthy, then it makes sense to study the world’s healthiest people and cultures, right?  Clearly they must be doing something right… But I would like to take…


Food as Medicine: How to Heal Your Digestion With Your Diet

HJ: Food as medicine is a concept going back to ancient times and was used as the basis for health and healing practices in many cultures for thousands of years.  Although modern Western…


From Disgusting to Delicious: The Exotic Miracle Fruit That Rewires Your Taste Perception

HJ: The Miracle Fruit is a very interesting plant that produces a wonderful phenomenon of rewiring your taste perception for a period of time (thankfully).  While this is typically approached as a novelty…


The Secret Key to Health That No One Ever Talks About

HJ: Having studied nutrition, health and healing for years and in the process trying just about every single ‘alternative diet’ under the sun in search of true health and happiness, I can speak…


6 Simple Ways to Keep Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) Out of Your Diet

HJ: Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) are at best highly controversial and at worst cause cancer, brain damage and severely alter your body’s natural functioning.  It’s easy to get lost in all the semantics of…

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The 8 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs Daily For Optimal Health (and How to Get Them From Food)

HJ: There is a common misconception that we are able to easily meet our nutritional needs from whatever foods we are eating on a daily basis.  While this is possible, it requires a…


Holistic Nutritionist Lays Out Her Top 10 Food Rules For Radiant Health

HJ: Opinions and beliefs about health are increasingly becoming like beliefs about politics and religion — highly charged and vehement.  Ultimately, this serves no one as even the most extreme diets are based…

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