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The 3 Stages of Advanced Conscious Awakening

HJ: On the never-ending journey towards enlightenment and beyond are stages of consciousness.  In this article, esoteric writer and teacher Montalk, describes the 3 stages of conscious awakening.  There are however even more,…


What Your Name Says About You: Decoding the Hidden Meaning Behind Your Name

HJ: In this life, nothing is random. There is meaning imbued in every circumstance and occurrence. Your name is no exception. Dating back to ancient times, the study of the meaning of names…


How Manifestation Works at a Core Level: How to Use Your Higher Spiritual Abilities to Create What You Need

HJ: Manifestation is an artform and one that requires the lens of perception to turn inward rather than outward.  A true manifestation happens in perfect divine timing, meaning that the demands and constraints…


Unlocking the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Meaning and Benefits of Mystical Symbols

HJ: The philosophy and science behind sacred geometry is absolutely fascinating and few have explained it as simply and beautifully as David Weitzman does in this illuminating piece.  Sacred Geometry permeates literally everything…


How You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts, Explained in Great Detail

HJ: The biggest illusion in this life is that we are powerless over what happens to us — that reality is happening to us instead of being created on an individual and collective level by…


Understanding The Origins of the Universe: Carl Sagan Explains the Ancient Science of Hindu Cosmology (Video)

Hindu Cosmology upholds the idea that creation is timeless, having no beginning in time. Each creation is preceded by dissolution and each dissolution is followed by creation. The whole cosmos exists in two…


Is It Possible To Live As Though Time Does Not Exist?

HJ: In contrast to what we are taught to believe, time is completely maleable by our own conscious observation and perception of it.  We typically believe at a core level that time proceeds…


Understanding How Our Thoughts Create Reality

HJ:  You may be thinking to yourself that this topic is covered quite often on the Healers Journal and you would be correct in your assessment.  This is because understanding and beginning to consciously…


17 Profound Krishnamurti Quotes To Free Your Mind

HJ: Although not quite as well known as some of the more popular sages and spiritual guides of our time, Krishnamurti is one of the most profound philosophers and mystics to emerge on…


The Secrets to Mastery in This Lifetime

HJ:  This is an incredible article.  You are literally being handed a blueprint to higher consciousness.  You are being spoon fed answers to some of the greatest existential mysteries that plague the minds of mankind….

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