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Slow Down, Live Longer: How Your State of Mind and Emotions Affect Your Health

HJ: More than any other factors our mind and emotions affect our health.  With a strong enough conviction and level of belief, the mind can even overcome the needs of the physical body….


Making Peace With Your Past: How to Neutralize the Emotional and Energetic Charges of Past Memories

HJ: If we do not properly process and release, or worse yet, if we repress any emotional charge that occurs during a given event, situation or circumstance, it becomes energetically bound to the…


How to Consciously Shift Your Emotions to Experience Greater Happiness and Positivity

HJ: Our emotions are natural expressions of our being and can lead us to important insights about our life and beliefs that ultimately have the potential to positively change how we see ourselves…


Accepting Your Emotions: Why Feeling Bad is Actually Good

HJ: Part of the problem with the cultural shift towards ‘positive thinking’ is that many people take it a bit too far and use it to justify the quelling of emotions that are…


How to Differentiate Between Your Intuition and Wishful Thinking

HJ: One of the main things that people learning to rekindle their relationship with their intuition struggle with is differentiating between what is a genuine intuitional message and what is simply wishful thinking…


Developing Your Emotional Awareness: How to Discover the Hidden Messages in Your Emotions

HJ: A wise man once said, when you are unsure how to act, simply look to young children and animals, as they are pure expressions of consciousness unaffected by the intense and often…


How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Use Them to Create the Life You Desire

HJ: If we wish to take control of the direction of our life, we must first take control of our thoughts.  Our thoughts stem from our beliefs and both must be addressed if…

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Saul: Changing Your Beliefs Leads to Freedom

Saul via John Smallman http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/author/johnsmallman/ Many of you are finding life very trying at present as various issues that need your attention rumble around just below your level of conscious awareness, stirring up…

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