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How to Quickly Release Negative Thoughts and Emotions Using EFT

HJ: With EFT, you can nearly instantly clear unwanted, ‘negative’ emotions and thought patterns.  It is a powerful and rapid method of releasing highly charged emotional energies and quite a useful tool in…


How to Uncover and Remove Your Hidden Obstacles to Happiness

HJ:  This is hands down one of the most effective techniques I have ever used to dissipate energy blockages and unwanted emotions and thoughts.  EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful…


Tapping To Permanently Release Unwanted Emotions and Beliefs

Got a Case of Mind Clutter? Just tap it away! by NICK ORTNER | Heal Your Life — How to release unresolved emotions. Is your body/mind in balance? Are your emotions sabotaging your life and…

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