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How to Expand Your Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration

HJ: Inspiration, imagination and intuition are everything.  These are the keys to connecting with your all-knowing, all-seeing higher self that will guide you effortlessly through life… steadfastly down the path of least resistance….


How to Begin Consciously Creating the Extraordinary Life You Deserve

HJ: Your life is a direct reflection of the sum total of beliefs, emotions and thoughts you have had since birth.  Change your beliefs, emotions and thoughts and your life will transform in…


7 Creativity Boosting Hacks You Can Learn From the World’s Most Creative People

HJ: Creativity is the essence of being human, and therefore to increase your creativity is to live more fully.  Whether or not you believe it or realize it (although I would imagine as…


9 Simple Ways to Get and Stay in Creative Flow

HJ: Life in creative flow is the closest thing you can experience to a magical state of being.  Everything you do becomes hyper focused and for lack of a better term, ‘perfect’.  This…


How to Train Your Brain to Be More Creative, Insightful and Inspired

HJ: Creativity, insight and inspiration are the products of habit, not chance or luck.  Like sowing seeds in a garden, you must plant the seeds of creative inspiration in your life and particularly in…


7 Keys to Unleashing Your Creativity and Finding Inspiration

HJ: Creativity and inspiration often seem to come out of nowhere, suddenly entering our awareness like an unexpected gift.  However, there are (at least) 7 keys/techniques that you can use to instigate your…


How to Tap Into Your Inner Genius: Master Yogi Shares Ancient Techniques For Activating Advanced Consciousness

HJ: In modern times, we have come to think of genius in terms of mathematical ability.  However, this is a highly limiting frame as it ignores the fact that genius can exist in…


Tapping Into Your Creative Genius: Understanding How the Creative Mind Works

HJ: The first step in tapping into your creative genius is understanding how the creative mind works.  This foundational knowledge will allow you to see where you may be impending the outflow of…


Demystifying the Law of Attraction: Understanding the Different Approaches to the Sacred Science of Manifestation

HJ: There are many different philosophies and approaches to working with the law of attraction and this can ultimately be bewildering, especially to someone new to the topic.  In can also cause one…


How to Harness the Power of Your Imagination to Achieve Your Dreams and Goals

HJ: Imagination is one of the most powerful faculties we posses for achieving our dreams and goals. It is essentially a blank canvas where we can flesh out ideas, inspiration and creative ways…

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