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The Truth About GMO’s They Don’t Want You to Know: Former GMO Scientist Comes Clean

HJ: It’s always interesting when an insider has a change of heart, especially in an industry as notorious as the biotechnology/GMO field.  What is amazing to me how is much money is still…


The Russian Meteor Strike Conspiracy: New Information Surfaces Indicating High Level Cover-Up and Manipulation

HJ: Indeed the truth is often far, far stranger than fiction.  Do you really believe that the mainstream media and governments are telling you the truth?  Even the most conservative among us nowadays accept that…


New Disclosure Documentary: Sirius

HJ: This new documentary on disclosure and all things related to the continued cover up of the ongoing extra terrestrial presence throughout human history is sure to be an eye opener for many….

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The Disclosure Petition 2 Needs Your Signature

We petition the Obama Administration to: Demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP – the Rockefeller Initiative. Disclosure Petition II From: www.paradigmresearchgroup.org In response to the Disclosure Petition…

Bill of Rights, Constitution Overruled by Corrupt U.S. Senate

By Mike Adams NaturalNews December 2, 2011 The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about this story even though it is arguably the single most important story of the year in terms…

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“Disclosure Petition II – Rockefeller Initiative” is Now Active on the White House Website

By  Stephen Bassett www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Press_Releases/Press_releases.html December 1, 2011 Washington, DC – On September 22, 2011 Paradigm Research Group (PRG) submitted a petition to the White House sponsored initiative “We the People.” Thousands of petitions have…

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PRG Mounts Second Disclosure Petition Dec. 1, 2011

PRG Update – November 20, 2011 Disclosure Petition II www.disclosurepetition.info On December 1, 2011 the second Disclosure Petition will be submitted to the White House’s We the People initiative.  Under the new rules…

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New UFO Documentary to be Released by Hollywood on Government Cover-Up

POTUS Briefing: Eyes Only — UFO Documentary Coming POTUS Briefing — Eyes Only, being produced by Gordon Novel, is a total disclosure and demonstration of an evidentiary chain to be put before the…

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US Police Try to Remove Online Evidence of Brutality

US cops tried to erase online evidence of brutality Russia Today, 26 October, 2011 http://rt.com/news/google-report-police-brutality-767/?mid=5141187 The police block streets near the Oakland City Hall as the Occupy Oakland protesters march towards the city…

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Obama’s Response to White House ET Disclosure Petition

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/obama-response-to-white-house-et-disclosure-petition-continues-mars-coverup WASHINGTON, DC  (Nov. 4, 2011) – The Obama White House continued with its policy of official coverup of the extraterrestrial presence on Mars, as well as coverup of…

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