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20 Powerful Affirmations to Help You Build Self Confidence and Inner Strength

HJ: Program your heart and mind for greatness with these powerful affirmations. – Truth 20 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often By Marc Chernoff | Marc and Angel — What we…


7 Powerful Ways to Transform Feeling Defeated into Feeling Empowered

HJ: Feeling discouraged and defeated is just that… a feeling and nothing else.  A feeling does not mean it is true let alone real.  Feelings shift and change like waves in the ocean….


Emotional Healing: How to Develop an Unshakable Sense of Deep Self-Worth

HJ: A deep feeling of self-worth is one of the primary keys to a happy, healthy, successful and deeply fulfilled life.  In this great article Nanice shares many insights about how we fall…


5 Tools For Overcoming the Fear of Failure

HJ: The fear of failure is one of the most common fears in existence and yet it is a complete illusion.  The idea of failure is dualistic. It implies that there is a…


6 Ways to Supercharge Your Willpower

HJ: There are two keys to rapid self growth — the first is a harmonious mindset and emotional state.  The second is willpower, which translates to action.  When combined, these two traits make…


6 Highly Effective Ways to Stop Anxious Thoughts and Feelings in their Tracks

HJ: By making a few simple tweaks to how you think and perceive events and circumstances in your life, you can quite effectively stop anxious thoughts and feelings in their tracks.  After all, they…


13 Highly Effective Ways to Teach Yourself to Be More Confident

HJ: Every time we are faced with a decision, we can affirm confidence, inspiration, passion and adventure or fear, insecurity, doubt and distrust.  Ultimately it is these day to day decisions that shape…


Do You Act Differently Around Different People? Here’s Why It’s Perfectly Natural

HJ: Almost every single one of us, at one time or another, has acted differently with certain groups of people than we have around others.  It typically happens when we are ‘out of…


Accepting Your Greatness: Why You Need Self-Compassion, Not Self-Esteem

HJ: In the article below, Kristin Neff takes a very thoughtful and non-dualistic approach to a concept that we have always been taught is essential for a happy and successful life — self-esteem.  She asks the…


7 Powerful Ways to Build Your Self Confidence

HJ: I recently heard a well-known spiritual/thought leader giving a talk on self-worth, which is intimately related to self confidence.  He was saying that there is a massive crisis of self worth/self confidence, especially…

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