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The Road to Enlightenment: How to Find Compassion For Others in Difficult Situations

HJ: To develop condition-less compassion for others is a fast path to enlightenment. Compassion overlaps greatly with gratitude as well producing a number of beneficial effects on the mind-body-spirit triad and generally improving…


A Simple But Powerful Meditation For Creating More Love and Compassion In Your Life

HJ: Wherever you find yourself on the path of life, you can always use more self love and compassion.  These two qualities are literally limitless in the depth you can experience.  However much…


How to Stop Judging Yourself and Develop Unconditional Self-Confidence

HJ: We can be so hard on ourselves.  But remember, you are doing the best you can with the tools you have. If what you are doing is not getting you the results…


How to Lovingly Silence Your Inner Critic Once and For All

HJ: You know that little voice in your head that says ‘you’re not good enough to do ____’?  It’s time to shut it off.  And it’s time to turn on the voice that…


5 Keys to Living With Compassion and an Open Heart In Your Everyday Life

HJ: How we treat ourselves is how we treat the world.  As within, so without, as the ancient axiom goes… The irony of the situation is that the world reflects back to us…


Accepting Your Greatness: Why You Need Self-Compassion, Not Self-Esteem

HJ: In the article below, Kristin Neff takes a very thoughtful and non-dualistic approach to a concept that we have always been taught is essential for a happy and successful life — self-esteem.  She asks the…

Going Further With The Four Agreements: How to Live in Deeper Alignment

HJ: I recently had the chance to see Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements speak — he is a true spiritual master in every sense of the word.  What was ironic…

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Saul: Your Journey into Full Consciousness is Accelerating

Saul via John Smallman October 16, 2011 http://www.johnsmallman.wordpress.com As is becoming very clear, economic and political changes are happening all over the world that the mainstream media can no longer avoid reporting on….

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