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Jeshua Ben Joseph: The Times of War and Struggle are Drawing To a Close

Jeshua Ben Joseph through John Smallman October 2, 2011 Waiting creates anxiety: “Will what is waited for arrive?  Will it be late?  Was it early? Did we miss it?”  So don’t wait!  Get on with…

tree on hill

Jeshua Ben Joseph: Preparation for the Shift

Beloved one, you are one of the ones who volunteered, a long time ago, to be incarnate at this time, to come ahead of time to pave the way and to be here…

The Holy Trinity

Jeshua ben Joseph: A Glorious and Triumphant Celebration Will Envelop all of Creation

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman, September 11, 2011 We are riding on the crest of a gigantic wave of Love that is sweeping across the planet and enveloping all in its divine…

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