March 2015

Finding Your Place of Stillness: A Guided Meditation for Deep Peace and Relaxation

HJ: Life is about balance and in that sense most of us need more stillness, peace and quiet.  The tendency in modern society is to be overstimulated, overextended, over everything… And so finding…


4 Powerful Questions That Will Help You Create a Rich and Deeply Fulfilling Life

HJ: Your quality of life is everything.  And it is up to you to design it as you see fit and in order to do that it’s extremely helpful to really understand what you…


7 Powerful Ways to Transform Feeling Defeated into Feeling Empowered

HJ: Feeling discouraged and defeated is just that… a feeling and nothing else.  A feeling does not mean it is true let alone real.  Feelings shift and change like waves in the ocean….


6 Highly Nutritious Seeds With Powerful Health Benefits

HJ: Seeds are incredible foods because they contain the essential nutrients that plants need to thrive and grow to hundreds of times their original size in a very short period of time.  They are like…


How to Transform Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Affirmations

HJ: Every thought we think can either be self defeating or life affirming.  And it is the art of shifting those thoughts from self defeating to life affirming that is a large part…


How to Harness the Incredible Healing Power of Silence

HJ: Life is about balance.  And therefore most of us are far more in need of silence than we are of more talking.  Talking is giving energy, silence is receiving energy.  Silence is…


How to Develop Deep Levels of Inner Strength and Resilience

HJ: Life is inevitably filled with challenges and it is the inner strength and resilience we have cultivated that allows us to successfully and prosperously navigate them.  The always wise Rick Hanson shows…


How to Master the Art of Manifesting From a Higher Level of Consciousness

HJ: You are constantly manifesting whether you are aware of it or not.  However, by becoming consciously aware of that fact and the mechanics behind it, you can begin to take control of…


9 Ways to Centered and Grounded When Life Gets Overwhelming

HJ: Life is full of challenges.  This is unavoidable.  Therefore it is all about how you navigate these challenges.  Do you do it with flow, joy and grace or struggle and suffering?  Today’s…


How to Rapidly Improve Your Mental Clarity and Overall Brain Health

HJ: If your brain is not nourished and well-tuned, you are just not experiencing how amazing your life can be.  The brain is such a critical organ in every aspect of our daily…

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