February 2015

A Highly Unconventional Meditation For Deep Inspiration, Healing and Vision

HJ: Meditation can be so much more than simply sitting with your eyes closed and watching your breath.  While that absolutely is meditation, there are many different styles and forms each with their…

lay down worry free

7 Powerful Ways to Positively Shift Your Attitude and Emotional State

HJ: The results you get in your life are largely a result of your emotional state (and at a deeper level your beliefs…) and so your attitude is in a sense, everything.  That…


5 Powerful Questions to Help Your Create More Success and Joy This Year

HJ: Questions allow you to suspend your habitual ways of thinking and venture into the realms of creativity and possibility.  They ignite your imagination and help you solve seemingly insurmountable problems, overcoming challenges…


How to Accelerate Your Trip Down the Path Towards Enlightenment

HJ: Enlightenment is an esoteric thing — not well defined and a vague concept for most people.  This article aims to clear up a lot of unnecessary confusion and give you some solid,…


The Sacred, Ancient Flower That Heals the Human Soul

HJ: Humanity’s relationship with medicinal herbs speaks volumes about their usefulness and sacred nature.  This herb, in particular, is one of the most sought after on the planet, with global demand often exceeding…


How to Create Deeply Fulfilling Relationships With The People in Your Life

HJ: It is the relationships we have with others that in large part define the quality of our own lives.  It is not the only factor, but a big one and those with…


A Simple But Powerful Meditation For Creating More Love and Compassion In Your Life

HJ: Wherever you find yourself on the path of life, you can always use more self love and compassion.  These two qualities are literally limitless in the depth you can experience.  However much…


10 Ideas That Will Add More Happiness, Joy and Flow to the Way You Work

HJ: When you love your work it stops being work and starts becoming play.  Working, or rather, playing, is inevitable in this life.  We all must do it in one form or another….


How to Tune Into Messages From Your Higher Self

HJ: Your higher self is your most direct connection to source — to the creator — to the universe… whatever you want to call it.  In every moment it makes available to you…


5 Powerful Ways to Stay Strong and Overcome the Feeling of ‘I’m Not Good Enough’

HJ: Feeling not good enough is ultimately a choice.  You can choose to feel or believe whatever you want.  Feeling not just good enough, but self confident and like you can achieve anything…

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