July 2014

15 Healing Herbs to Boost Your Thyroid Function and Balance Your Hormones

HJ: Nature’s infinite wisdom has provided a medicine for every ailment, a cure for every imbalance.  Our hormonal systems are some of the most important in the body as hormones are the master…


10 Powerful Ways to Permanently Boost Your Happiness and Peace in Life

HJ: The amount of happiness and peace you experience in life is directly related to how you perceive the events and circumstances in your life.  Change your perception, change your mood.  Simple, right?…


4 Simple but Powerful Steps for Making Big, Positive Changes in Your Life

HJ: The only constant in life is change and yet change can be difficult for us, mainly because it forces us to move outside our comfort zone and venture into the unknown.  Not…


How to Bring Your Mind, Body and Spirit into Balance and Harmony Using the Power of Mindfulness

HJ: He who controls the mind is a master of his world.  Thoughts come and go like the wind and are naught but reflections of deeper levels of the self… our beliefs and…


What Your Inner Critic Is Really Trying to Teach You Yourself

HJ: This is an interesting article that takes a fresh look at an old subject and flies in the face of much of the wisdom out there, which typically recommends you silence your…


How I Healed an Incurable Disease With the Power of Love

HJ: Disease, sickness, illness and suffering are no match for the power of love.  In fact, from a deeply metaphysical point of view, disease is caused by the internal stifling of love we experience…


Attitude Reconstruction: 6 Ways to Eliminate Fear and Anxiety From Your Life

HJ: You’ll often hear people saying things like face your fears and move forward anyways.  But what if you could get rid of fear instead of living with it? What if you could…


11 Core Habits Of People Who Never Worry

HJ:  Worry is like practicing what you don’t want.  And yet, many people can’t seem to help themselves.  Why is that?  Because worry is actually the surface level symptom of a deeper problem….


4 Powerful Shamanic Exercises For Awakening Your Consciousness

HJ: Before modern medicine, modern psychology, there was the shaman.  The shaman was the healer and for thousands of years they have developed powerful practices for raising consciousness.  In fact, many would say…


Living From Your Heart: 22 Keys to Intuitive Living

HJ: Living intuitively is transcending the limits of the mind and tuning into a higher level of awareness that can never lead you astray.  The rational mind is akin to a game of chess….

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