March 2013

Can You Feel the Change Yet? A Guide to Understanding the Emerging Consciousness of Humanity

HJ: Have you felt lately that things are definitely changing, but you just can’t put your finger on exactly how or why?  Look no further than this highly pertinent article from DL Zeta….


How to Heal and Balance The Crown Chakra With Reiki

HJ: As the highest of the 7 bodily chakras, the crown chakra is responsible for our connection to our higher selves, divine consciousness and the heavens/cosmos.  It is also in large part the…


Why Should You Meditate? The Dalai Lama Explains

Sure one could go into a long drawn out answer explaining why meditation is beneficial, but sometimes we just need a short, sweet to the point reason.  Meditation will free you from suffering….


3 Ancient Breathing Techniques for a Deeper Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

HJ: You can go months without food, days without water, and only minutes without breath, for breath is the foundation of life on this planet.  More than any other vitamin or nutrient, oxygen, which…


The Top 10 Things Healthy, Happy People Do Differently

HJ: The health were talking about includes but also goes way beyond mere physical health.  Physical health is very important as it is part of the sacred mind-body-spirit complex we must maintain in…


7 Techniques For Activating and Connecting to Your Higher Mind

HJ: Spiritual advancement develops along a continuum.  There is no definitive endpoint where you have simply ‘mastered it all’, rather, as we develop to higher levels of awareness, we tune into greater wisdom, subtlety,…


Using Matrix Reimprinting to Rewrite Your Past and Transform Your Future

HJ: We typically think of time as a linear experience, when in fact it is multidimensional in nature.  The past, present and future all exist simultaneously and we can alter both the past…


How to Choose the Best Form of Exercise For Your Unique Body Type

HJ:  We all have unique dietary needs, so it follows that we all have unique exercise needs as well.  Ayurveda has long recognized our unique body type (also known as our Dosha, or…


All Roads Lead to Awakening: The Path to Spiritual Awareness

HJ:  Have you ever had the urge to truly understand why you are here?  What life means?  Have you ever felt that there was something more to life than what is typically presented,…


The 12 Steps to Higher Consciousness: A Whole New Level of Recovery

HJ: The parallels between addictions, the 12 steps, ego dramas, and spirituality become quite apparent in this latest piece from the talented writer Joy Sydney Williams.  Addictions to drugs are extreme manifestations of the spiritual…

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