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Important: All Smartphone and Tablet Users

If you are using a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc.) or tablet (iPad, Surface, Kindle, etc.)

to listen to the sound healing you have just purchased, please be aware of the following:


If you try to download the sound healing .mp3 file directly to your smartphone or tablet,

it will not work properly. You need to first download the sound healing file to your laptop or

desktop computer and then connect your smartphone or tablet and transfer the file onto your device,

for example, through iTunes if you are using an iPhone or iPad.  Then, the file will be permanently

on your smartphone or tablet and accessible through your music playing app.


If you try to open the file directly onto your smartphone or tablet by clicking the links you have

just been emailed, the file will open and play, however, it will not actually be on your device.

Therefore, when the download links expire, you will no longer have access to the files and

will need to contact us for a new download link.  This why we recommend using the above

method to put the files on your device.


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