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How to Lovingly Deal With Your Inner Critic

HJ: There is a big difference between self-improvement and self-criticism.  The former is constructive and the latter is limiting.  Criticizing yourself arises from negative, self deprecating limiting or conflicting beliefs you hold and…


How to Overcome the 4 Biggest Obstacles to Loving Yourself and Living Fearlessly

HJ: At your core, you are pure love.  But over the course of your life that love has partially been covered up by limiting beliefs and ideas about the world.  True healing is…


The 7 Keys to Creating Success in Your Life

HJ: Success does not just happen randomly, it is created by a very precise set of qualities you can cultivate in your life.  When it seems like success just came out of nowhere…


17 Bruce Lee Quotes That Reveal His Secrets to Incredible Achievement

HJ: The 17 Bruce Lee quotes in this article reveal the powerful mindset that the Jeet Kun do master used to achieve the incredible abilities he is widely known and respected for.  Bruce…

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