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Palmistry: Psychic Signs in the Hand

By Terry Stokes | Bellesprit — Minor chakras exist in the hand centres, and the auric colours are at their most vivid around the fingers. The hollow of the palm is said to…


Why We All Have Psychic Capabilities

Why we ALL have psychic powers: How thought premonitions and telepathy are more common than we think By DR RUPERT SHELDRAKE | Daily Mail — Like many mothers who feared for their family’s safety during World…


Is it Possible to be Trained to be Psychic?

Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic By Dr. Barry Taff | Reality Sandwich — This article originally appeared at http://www.barrytaff.net Is it possible to take normal, healthy, emotionally stable people who do not think they’re psychic, and…


8 Powerful Techniques For Transforming Your Health With Your Breath

By Truth | The Healers Journal How would you like to live a more peaceful, calm, happy and balanced life?  What if I told you that in order to achieve this, all you…

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