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The Physical Nature of Humankind: Understanding Who You Really Are

HJ: If you are curious about the reasons behind the obvious — why things are as they are, then this excerpt if for you.  Those who seek to understand the self and their…


Going Beyond the Chakras: Understanding the Five Koshas and Their Role in Health, Healing and Higher Consciousness

HJ: The Koshas give us a complete template for the expression of consciousness in physical form.  Developed thousands of years ago by the master Swami’s, Mystics, Seers and Rishi’s of ancient Hindu culture…

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The Wisdom of Illness: A Conversation With My Higher Self

By Susan Christhilf, On September 23, 2011 http://www.ishalerner.com/blog_6/?p=43 Years ago, when I began my work with flower essences, I was introduced to a whole new way of looking at health and healing. Far from…

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