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How to Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs That Are Crippling Your Happiness and Success

HJ: Removing and reprogramming limiting beliefs is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to shift your reality and your consciousness. That’s because limiting beliefs control how we perceive the world, what…


9 Ways to Find More Love in Your Life and Relationships

HJ: The love you experience in life is a direct reflection of your own level of self-love. Your life is a reflection of the state of your own heart and mind.  Therefore, look…


How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs that Are Subconsciously Sabotaging Your Efforts to Grow and Change

HJ: More than anything else, it is our limiting beliefs, operating just outside of our conscious awareness, that hold us back in life.  Our conscious stream of thoughts and emotions can be used…


Letting Abundance Flow into Our Lives: How to Shift Your Perception to Prosperity

HJ:  There is a quite beautiful lightness and flow to the article below which in part reflects the qualities that we need to cultivate within ourselves to tap into the abundance that is…


The 10 Laws of Belief: How to Attain True Freedom From the Limitations of Thought

HJ: Beliefs can either imprison us or liberate us.  They form the basis for our perception of reality — that means they create our limits or consequently define the boundaries of our potential.  They…

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