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How to Heal and Strengthen Your Energy Body With Auric Breathing

HJ: It is believed in many traditions that all imbalances in the physical body originate from imbalances in the auric field, aka the energy body.  Either way, it is just as vital and…


15 Herbs to Heal Your Lungs and Help You Breathe Deeply

HJ: Without breath, there is no life.  The ability to breathe deeply is at the core of our existence and yet lung health is not talked about very often these days except in…


3 Powerful Breathing Meditations for Opening and Healing Your Heart

HJ: The combination of breath and meditation produces a powerful healing response in the body and with conscious focus, we can direct these energies to the heart center.  We have a tendency to stay…


Understanding and Working With Pranayama: The Ancient Science of Breathing

HJ: Prana is the energy of life — we extract it from the air we breath and it nourishes and fuels our body, mind and spirit as it is expressed on the physical…


Yogi Ramacharaka: The Esoteric Theory of Breath

HJ: I cannot overstate the power breath work for raising consciousness, spiritual awareness and activating the higher centers and chakras.  The conscious direction and control of the breath is an extremely powerful tool for spiritual…

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