Conspiracy Theory

The Mystery of the Great Sphinx

What was the Sphinx? By ROBERT TEMPLE | New Dawn — There has never been a satisfactory answer to what the Sphinx actually is or was. Anyone who goes to Giza can see…


Benjamin Fulford: The Purge of the Nazis Has Begun on Three Continents

By Benjamin Fulford | Benjamin Fulford November 27, 2012 — There are signs everywhere now that a political logjam has been broken now that the new Chinese government has been installed and that…


The Six Greatest Enigmas of Ancient Civilisations

Ancient Civilisations: Six Great Enigmas By WILL HART & ROBERT BERRINGER | New Dawn — We stand today at an unprecedented turning point in human history. In recent years two versions of ancient…


Who Built the Moon? An Interview With Christopher Knight

New Dawn Interview with Christoper Knight | New Dawn Magazine — Many New Dawn readers will know of British writer Christopher Knight from his first book The Hiram Key, which he co-authored with Robert Lomas and…

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