HJ:  In this clarifying essay by Neale Donlad Walsch, we are given insight into to common misconceptions regarding the act of creating through manifestation.  Let me make a point here: creating through manifestation is not some esoteric concept that one must be highly spiritually advanced to practice.  It is the fundamental way through which our realities are shaped and created, whether we are consciously working with the process or not.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance to truly understand the act with all its subtleties and nuances, as it is a major force in your life.  It is indeed a powerful force, and when not given adequate consideration or awareness, it has the power to lead our lives into areas which we may not desire.  In these cases, we are in fact calling these supposedly ‘undesired’ experiences to us, however, we are not conscious of the thought processes and subconscious tendencies that are doing so.  As we become aware of this inherent ability and begin the path to eventual mastery, we will learn to achieve a greater level of control over what experiences we call into our lives.

In that vein, Neale’s words here should shed some light onto a somewhat abstract topic, helping those who are ready to better understand the act of creation/manifestation.  As Neale remarks below, manifestation is not really about creation, but rather acknowledging that which already exists within ourselves.  We live in a universe of pure, unlimited potential.  We only need access that in order to bring whatever we desire into our lives.  The first step in manifestation is the awareness of the inherent desire to bring a certain experience into ones life.  The remaining steps deal with the translation of that original essence into a physical form (if the desired manifestation is indeed one that takes a physical form).  The clarification between awareness and creation outlined here is important for understanding the nuances of this process.

– Truth

A Dangerous Spiritual Teaching

By Neale Donald Walsch

The message that for many years spiritual teachers have been sharing—that “you are creating your own reality”—can be a dangerous teaching if it is not fully explained.

There are two things you must know about the “you create your own reality” teaching:

(1) First, it must be explained (as we have done several times here now) that you are not “creating” anything, but merely noticing or remembering its existence, then, by focusing on it, calling it forth as a “manifestation” from the Field of Infinite Possibilities that is the Always Now/Always Here of things. What you are creating is your Interior Reality of these manifestations. It is in this sense that the statement “You are creating your own Reality” is true.

(2) Second, you must understand that even what we call the act of “creating” the Exterior Events of our lives is not something that anyone is doing alone. No Exterior Event in Physicality is created by any single individual. Such a thing is impossible.

These two little points are not “little” points at all. Indeed, no small matters, they. For with these huge understandings we are relieved of the mental and emotional stress, frustration, pressure, and problems which could eventuate from us imagining that we are responsible for all that is going on in the world—or for that matter, in our personal lives. Even more beneficially, these are marvelous tools with which to move through those occurrences, integrating them with greater ease into our earthly experience.

So let’s take one final look at these two points. We’ll discuss Point #1 this week and Point #2 in our next issue of this Bulletin.

Point Number 1:

Since everything that ever was, is now, and ever will be, IS NOW, the act of pure creation is impossible. What we call “creation” is really an act of awareness. It is the act of becoming aware of a particular portion of What Is So.

Awareness is achieved by putting your attention on something. You are seeing that something is there, but if you are recognizing that it is there for what seems like the first time, the seeing of it produces the impression that you have placed it there.

This is the illusion called “creation.”


As I have endeavored to point out here now multiple times, there are two kinds of Events in our experience on this planet. There are Exterior Events, which are Physical, and there Interior Events, which are Metaphysical. Put simply, there is what is happening, and there is what we think aboutwhat is happening.

Most people don’t contextualize their movement through the moments of their life in this way. Yet this is precisely the way we are getting through our days.

First, something happens. Either we do something, or something is done to or around us. Second, we have a thought about what is happening. Our thought follows the occurrence so quickly that we often meld the two into one. We imagine that the Exterior Event and the Interior Event are the Same Event.

They are not. And this is one of the greatest secrets ever withheld from humankind. We are not told this in school. We are not informed of this by our society. We are not brought in on this secret by our common culture. No one wants us to know this. Why? Because if we know this, we suddenly havecomplete control over our Reality. And that is the last thing that our society wants us to have.

How can a society as a group be controlled if every member of that society has complete individual control over his or her own Reality? The aim of every totalitarian society, then, is to get you to stop thinking for yourself by doing your thinking for you, and to convince you to adopt its thinking rather than embracing your own.

The First Freedom is not “freedom of speech.” The First Freedom is Freedom of Thought.

Always remember that.

And this is the one Freedom that no one can ever take away from you. That is what makes you a Divine Being. That is what makes you the Sovereign in your own Kingdom. That is what makes you “God.” For you do, indeed, have the power to “create your own reality,” interiorly, of any Exterior Event.

You can think anything you want to think about what is going on around you; about what has happened in your life; even about a future that you imagine might occur.

Your Thoughts are your powerful tools, and no one can stop you from using them. Nelson Mandela proved that during 26 years of incarceration by the rogue minority white regime that had for so long controlled South Africa. St. Joan (also known as Joan of Arc) proved that during the French persecutions. And Jesus proved that during the entire second half of his life.

Others have proved it as well. Winston Churchill proved it when the Exterior Events produced by Hiter’s Nazi air force would have had him believe that England was doomed.

Jonas Salk proved it when medical science would have had him believe that there was just no cure for polio.

Martin Luther King Jr., Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and Harvey Milk proved it when American society said that blacks, women, and gays were not equal to white male heterosexuals, and should therefore not be given equal opportunity, equal pay, or equal rights.

And you prove it every time you decide that Conventional Wisdom about anything just may be wrong—or at the very least, incomplete—and that you and you alone get to decide what is Real and True for you.

You do this by using the Mechanics of the Mind. This is how your Interior Reality is created. It is far too sophisticated a machinery for me to describe it to you here. I strongly, strongly advise you to find a copy of When Everything Changes, Change Everything and read it from top to bottom. Take notes in the margins. Underline or highlight in yellow its many incredibly powerful and pertinent passages.

Get the book and read it now. It is changing lives all over the place.

(Am I trying to sell one more copy of a book I have written? No. More than 7.5 million copies of books I have written have already been sold. I don’t need to sell any more. What I am hoping to do is help change your life. I am hoping to offer you something that could open a doorway to that.)

We’ll explore Point #2 above in this space next week. Until then, I wish you well on your journey.

Hugs and love,


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