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5 Healing Plants That Powerfully Shift and Expand Human Consciousness

HJ: Plant medicines are powerful tools for expanding consciousness and instigating deep healing when used in the proper manner. – Truth 5 Powerful Psychedelics That Treat Mental Disorders and Change Human Consciousness By…


How to Connect With the Spirits of Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

HJ: Plants are conscious, sentient beings and therefore we are able to connect with them on a meaningful level and experience their essence.  This is a powerful, ancient semi-shamanic practice that has largely…


The Incredible Similarities Between Human and Plant Consciousness

HJ: Human and plant consciousness share a remarkable number of similarities, particularly in relation to the five senses which both use to navigate the complexities of the world.  There has been an ever-increasing…


10 House Plants That Will Clean and Purify the Air Inside Your Home

HJ: Did you know that the air quality indoors, even in a new and clean building, is considered dangerously polluted by widely accepted air quality standards?  Unless you live in a cutting edge, LEED…


The Science of Healing: How Herbal Remedies Work to Create Health in the Body

HJ: Have you ever wondered how herbs and natural remedies work in the body?  To use an analogy that many can understand, herbs work much in the same way as do pharmaceuticals (or…


Exploring and Understanding the Consciousness of Plants

HJ:  If you were not already aware, plants do indeed have consciousness.  Plant consciousness is not expressed in the same way that Human consciousness is and so many assume that plants do not…

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