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8 Keys to Consciously Navigating Rough Patches in Your Relationships

HJ: Relationships have a tendency to bring out the best and worst in us and for that reason, they are excellent opportunities to practice living consciously and looking within to identify and heal…


How to Bring Your Mind, Body and Spirit into Balance and Harmony Using the Power of Mindfulness

HJ: He who controls the mind is a master of his world.  Thoughts come and go like the wind and are naught but reflections of deeper levels of the self… our beliefs and…


28 Ways to Bring Greater Harmony, Wisdom and Love Into Your Relationships

HJ: Harmony in relationships, like harmony in any area of our life, is all about balance.  We may be either overly intellectual or overly emotional and therefore struggle with being too distant or…


Emotional Harmony: How to Discover Your Emotional Signature and Bring it Into Balance

HJ: We all have a set of conditioned emotional responses that events, people, and circumstances in life trigger within us.  These are dictated by our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us….

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