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Eurozone Debt: Two More UXB’s You Won’t Find in the UK & US MSM

By John Ward http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/eurozone-debt-two-more-uxbs-you-wont-find-in-the-uk-us-msm/ Greece has no money to pay international law creditors, and the Bundesbank is owed 550 billion euros by debtor banks From Germany’s Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten this morning came the news that…

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From The Greek Streets – A Letter by a Physician

Published by: Occupied London Thanks to: Beatrice 03/05/2012 http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/ “Why we occupied our hospital” – an open letter by a hospital doctor at the workers-run hospital of Kilkis. “The occupation of our hospital…

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