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How to Eat Organic for Less Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

HJ: Eating Organic can be done relatively cheaply while still maintaining a very high level of food quality and purity.  Below I will offer a few tips to augment the advice listed in…


How to Tell When ‘Health Food’ is Not Really Healthy

HJ: I remember when I first became health conscious.  I immediately ran to my local health food store and began buying all my favorite snack foods in their organic and ‘all natural’ incarnations….


Is Your Health Controlled By Your Genes or the Food You Eat?

HJ: I think we all at one time or another have heard someone attribute some health problem they are having (usually weight related) to genetics.  On a surface level, this makes sense, and…


What to Eat When You Meditate: How Diet Affects Your Ability To Quiet The Mind

HJ: Food absolutely affects your thoughts and the ability of the mind to focus and relax.  Certain foods can make it easier to meditate, while others are disruptive or agitating and can make…


Understanding the Energy of Food: How to Receive Greater Health and Nutrition From Everything You Eat

HJ: Plants, which eventually become our food, as living, breathing things, have an aura — just as we do. This aura can be considered the energetic signature of a given food or plant and…


The Secrets of Eating Psychology: Understanding Why We Eat the Way We Do

HJ: There is much more to food than just nutrition, flavor and variety — the way we approach eating also has major implications for our health and wellbeing.  A tendency I constantly observe…


How to Read Food Labels: Take Control of Your Health

HJ: Learning to properly read food labels is one of the most liberating skills you can acquire for taking full control of your health.  And, more specifically, the ingredients label, which is the…


Eat for Enlightenment: Tapping Into The Subtle Energies of Our Food

HJ: Just as crystals and water carry a very real and potentially powerful energy, so too does our food.  In fact, different foods have profoundly different energies and effects on the mind-body-spirit triad….


How To Counter Radiation With Your Food

By Jeani-Rose Atchison — In a previous article for Wake Up World I talked about sunflower seeds and their ability to help remove radiation.  It has been shown that sunflowers absorb heavy metals and so have…

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