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Does Your Mind Wander During Meditation? How to Stop Fighting it and Instead Use it to Enhance Your Focus

HJ: Focus is one of the primary keys to being successful at whatever it is you are doing or pursuing.  A wandering mind, although perfectly normal and useful for creative purposes, can derail…


How to Use Sacred Mantras to Harmonize Brain Function and Balance the Chakras

HJ: Mantra’s are one of those things which seem so innocuous, yet in reality are incredibly powerful and transformative.  Just uttering a few words with intention and awareness can have a profound effect…


How to Nourish Your Brain and Enhance its Function With Whole Foods

HJ: The beauty of a healthy, whole food, well-rounded diet is that it accomplishes many tasks in one fell swoop.  It provides a solid foundation on which health can be built.  Then, if…


How to Strengthen the Intuitive Connection Between Your Brain and Heart

HJ: With the rise of scientific thought as the dominant paradigm in the West, the logical mind has taken over as the primary mode of perception and decision making. The problem with this is that…


How Meditation Changes the Structure of Your Brain

HJ: Meditation has long been known to be beneficial on a number of levels and science is now confirming this to be true, but perhaps what is even more interesting is the fact…


New Study Shows Fear Can Be Erased From the Brain

Fear can be erased from the brain From Upssala Universitet Newly formed emotional memories can be erased from the human brain. This is shown by researchers from Uppsala University in a new study…

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