dawn desert

Melchizedek: to Stay in Equilibrium, State Your Intention to Anchor and Embody Your Divine Presence on Earth Melchizedek via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana January 10, 2012 Beloved Ones, I wish to have discourse on the coming attractions, so to speak. At this time, many of you are experiencing the intense energies…

aurora kuenzli

Melchizedek: Waves of Incoming Energies

Melchizedek via Marlene Sweltishoff Beloved Ones, Life on Earth will take on a more intense experience within the hearts of All. Each Human Spiritual Being is at a crossroads at this time….

psychedelic shadow

Melchizedek: The New Year Will Bring Many Shifts

Melchizedek via Marlene Sweltishoff December 13, 2011 Beloved Ones, This is the season to feel joy, peace and goodwill within your hearts. It is a time to let go of all that…

earth from space

Melchizedek: The Need for Staying Grounded

Melchizedek via Marlene Swetlishoff December 6, 2011 Beloved Ones, In this discourse I wish to bring to your attention the need to stay grounded each day. Work at developing a very strong…

light tree

Lord Melchizedek: Universal Energetic Alignment and Reawakening Your Original Source

Lord Melchizedek via Natalie Sian Glasson   My beloved beings of light, I Lord Melchizedek step forward with my Melchizedek Disciples to bathe you in our love. We so wish to assist you…

deep space portal

Melchizedek: The Opportunities Available to You Now

Melchizedek via Marlene Sweltishoff November 15, 2011 Beloved Ones, In this discourse I wish to discuss the opportunities that now lie before each of you. In the aftermath of the 11~11~11 portal…


Melchizedek: 11-11-11 is a Reflection of Your Readiness

Melchizedek via Marlene Sweltishoff Beloved Ones, Workers of the Light, we ask you to unite on the portal opening day of 11~11~11 and combine your energies throughout this day to the unfolding…

psychedelic shadow

Melchizedek: United as One Force for Good, the Impossible Becomes Possible

Melchizedek via Marlene Swetlishoff October 31, 2011 Beloved Ones, And so it is that a new day has begun. As the old continues to release from within every cell in your Beings,…


Melchizedek: The Return of Unity Consciousness

Melchizedek via Marlene Sweltishoff Beloved Ones, Upon the planes of Earth the waves of Cosmic Light and Love flow forth in great abundance now. Open yourselves to receive the encodements that are…

mayan calendar

Message from the Elders: We Enter the Final Day of the Mayan Calendar

A channeling by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek ~ By Anrita Melchizedek Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with…

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