Cosmic Awareness

The True Origins of the Races of The People of Earth

HJ: As is typically the case with many of the things you have been taught in life by ‘society’ (for lack of a better word), you must begin the process of unlearning in…


Polarity and the Illusions of Life and Death

HJ: It’s 2013.  Time to stop beating around the bush and drill down into some serious esoteric material with substance.  While amateur changelings and messages certainly have their spot in the grand scheme of things…


Your Perception of the Ascension Defines It’s Effects in Your Life

HJ: The concept being explained here is quite simple, really.  Our perception defines our reality.  If you believe something to be so, it is so.  So if you believe that the Ascension has occurred and…


Asking Yourself How Many Have I Served and How Well?

HJ: This is a highly thought provoking message from Cosmic Awareness (lets be honest — when aren’t they?).  I think many will be able to take some wisdom that will be of great…


The History of Star Beings and the Elohim

HJ: This recent message from Cosmic Awareness is, as usual, fascinating and thought provoking.  I am sure many will find that it resonates deeply with them and kindles their soul memory of lifetimes…


Cosmic Awareness: Activating the Lightbody

HJ: The lightbody holds the perfected template for our physical human existence.  It is possible to consciously access the lightbody template to restore the physical body and reverse disease, deformity, aging and sickness….


Cosmic Awareness: To Those Who Think That Nothing Happened During Ascension

HJ: For what it is worth, to those who care, Cosmic Awareness sheds light on what actually happened during Ascension and, specifically, for those who think that nothing happened.  I would imagine that…


Cosmic Awareness: You Are Still in the Midst of the Unfolding Ascension Process

HJ: As I, and I am sure many of you, have intuited, we are still very much in the middle of the Ascension process.  It is still unfolding, morphing, resonating, responding and advancing…


Cosmic Awareness: Return to the Godhead – Your Soul Essence

HJ: Awareness’ messages are controversial, to say the least.  They do not pander as many channeled messages do.  Some say they are inconsistent.  While I acknowledge minor discrepancies, the major themes and ideas presented here…


Cosmic Awareness: Questions and Answers on Ascension

These Questions and Answers are based on this profound transmission from Cosmic Awareness about what exactly will be happening during the Ascension on December 21st, 2012.  Read the original message here:  Cosmic Awareness:…

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