July 2015

How to Develop Unconditional Self-Confidence

HJ: Developing self-confidence is not so much about force as it as about clearing away all of that which stands in the way of you experiencing your true self.  Because your true self…


9 Truths That Will Guide You to More Happiness, Success and Freedom in Your Life

HJ: So much of life is about simply remembering the TRUTH and not that which you were unconsciously programmed to believe by society.  Truth always leads you to more happiness, success, freedom and…


4 Powerful Ways to Transform Regret Into Fuel For Achieving Your Dreams

HJ: Everything that happens in your life is an opportunity to grow and learn. No matter how painful or difficult, every situation has a wisdom often greater than we can comprehend.  And ask…


How to Use Affirmations to Reprogram You Mind and Erase Limiting Beliefs

HJ: It all begins and ends in the mind.  Learn how to master that and there is nothing you cannot achieve, create, do or be.  And this, dear friends, is a big piece…


How to Discover Your Unique Purpose and Use it to Create an Amazing Life For Yourself

HJ: If you don’t yet know your purpose, then do everything in your power to get clarity on what it is.  Or, at the very least, which direction to begin heading in.  Tune…


How to Deal With Physical and Non-Physical Energy Vampires

HJ: Everything is energy and some people just love to take it from other people.  Therefore it is of paramount importance to protect yourself from those who would take from you either consciously…


5 Powerful Ways to Erase Worry From Your Life

HJ: Worry is the fear of what does not exist.  Therefore, all worry is an illusion.  It is fear of nothing.  Instead of trust in the wisdom of everything.  A simple fix to…


How to Expand Your Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration

HJ: Inspiration, imagination and intuition are everything.  These are the keys to connecting with your all-knowing, all-seeing higher self that will guide you effortlessly through life… steadfastly down the path of least resistance….

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What to Do When Life Gets Tough: A Guide to Reconnecting With Bliss

HJ: Tough and challenging situations are just opportunities for growth and expansion in disguise.  Make the shift and watch your life transform before your eyes. – Truth How to Cope and Keep Going…


The Top 7 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent, Happy People

HJ: Happiness is a habit.  Emotional stability comes through mindful awareness and practice.  Which, quite frankly, is great news.  It means there is a systematic way to guarantee that you will be happy….

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