June 2014

How to Train Your Brain to Create Wealth and Abundance on Autopilot

HJ: Wealth and abundance are the result of your mindset and approach to life. Each decision we make either keeps us where we are, takes us one step back or (ideally) one step…


How to Meditate Like a Master Even if You Have Struggled With it in the Past

HJ: The irony of the simple practice of meditation is that can be incredibly challenging for many people. But fear not, Master transformational coach Doc Barham will explain how to meditate like a…


How to Move Past Your Fears and Begin Living the Life You Dream Of

HJ: If you can get a handle on fear, you literally become unstoppable. And getting a handle on fear is easier than you think… The biggest mistake people make with fear (or any…


How to Let Go of Past Regrets and Start Living Joyfully in the Present Moment

HJ: By looking at regrets in a new light, you can effectively free yourself from the past and learn to live in the present moment, which is where you will find joy, peace…


How to Find Clarity and Direction When You Are Not Entirely Sure of Your Path in Life

HJ: Sometimes our path in life gets cloudy and uncertain.  In times like these, it’s invaluable to have tools and practices that give you clarity and help you find direction when you feel…


How to Keep Yourself Energetically Clear, Balanced and Centered All Day Long

HJ: Life can get intense and hectic at times, which is why it is so important to know how to keep yourself energetically clear, balanced and centered all day long.  Left unattended, we can…


How to Connect More Deeply With Your Powerful Self-Healing Abilities

HJ: Activating and consciously using your powerful self-healing abilities is like learning to draw or ride a bike — it just takes a bit of practice.  The Aboriginal tribes of Australia were masters…


How to Make Peace With Painful Memories From Your Past

HJ: In order to move forward full speed ahead, we must heal and make peace with painful memories from the past. These memories, which trigger powerful emotions, keep us reacting habitually and maladaptively…


29 Signs You Are Doing Things Right in Your Life (Even if It Doesn’t Always Feel Like It)

HJ: Most of us have a tendency to judge ourselves pretty harshly, even though the reality is we’re doing just fine.  In our society, we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages intended to…


How to Instantly Bounce Back From Your Setbacks (and See the Hidden Meanings They Have For You)

HJ:  When you learn how to effectively bounce back from your setbacks, you truly become unstoppable.  Setback is such a great word, in a certain sense, because it is so matter of fact….

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